Chairman's Message

At Canderel, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of services within the context of core values that have endured for four decades, enabling us to develop and manage exceptional properties and build strong, lasting relationships. If the volume of business knocking at our door is any indication, our values and resulting expertise have been well recognized.

Our philosophy is simple. We bring together the best and brightest minds – men and women who believe anything is possible – and apply their diligence and readiness to every project. This has led to some of Canada’s greatest developments and project management success stories, such as Bell Canada’s headquarters on Nuns’ Island, Quebec. Bell was able to consolidate its operations in a 1,400,000 sq. ft. campus just five minutes from Montreal’s business district. Fusing accessibility, visibility, technology, energy reduction and design, we were pleased to deliver one of North America’s premier work environments.

On the residential and retail fronts, we have enhanced Toronto's skyline with Aura at College Park. The third phase of The Residences of College Park and the ultimate in high-rise condominium development in downtown Toronto, Aura is Canada’s tallest residential tower with 78 stories, 994 residential suites and 1.3 million sq. ft. of residential and retail space.  More is underway in Toronto including YC Condominiums and numerous additions to our commercial portfolio.

These recent successes and many others demonstrate that after 40 years we continue to build on our strengths. This is thanks to our entrepreneurial integrity, innovative vision, fiscal responsibility and ability to maintain positive relationships. It helps that we love what we do. We thrive on bringing together the diverse resources and people that allow a project to flourish. I take great satisfaction in knowing that when I shake hands with a client or partner, every member of my organization is prepared to do what it takes to deliver on our promises.

We have specialists in construction, finance, marketing, leasing, sales, property management and risk assessment who consistently look beyond the obvious, think outside the box and deliver over and above expectations. With ingenuity, enthusiasm, tenacity and heart, our team integrates aesthetics, viability, functionality, longevity, sustainability, community consciousness and environmental impact. The outcome is buildings and services of the highest quality.

Furthermore, after a lengthy process undertaken with thought and care, an intergenerational transfer is firmly in place. With 40 years under our belt and at minimum 40 more to go, this is a priority. Whether you are an owner, tenant, agent, lender or investor, your association with Canderel will be handled with consistency and the utmost respect, and of course will be mutually beneficial.

Our website is designed to offer opportunities, satisfy requirements and answer your questions. For additional information, write to us at, or contact a member of our team.