Accolades & Testimonials

Managing an international portfolio that is very geographically diverse, it is critical that our local partners perform to a high standard.  We have relied very heavily on Canderel to help ensure the success of our assets in Montreal and Ottawa, and they have performed with superior results.  Their strength in management, attention to detail and exceptional communication has fostered with me a very high level of trust and confidence in their team.   Having that trust and confidence allows me to focus on the larger issues with the knowledge that the details of management

Marc Franco
Credit Suisse

Canderel has met or exceeded our expectations in terms of leasing and the quality of its monthly reports and annual budgets. The accounting group responds promptly to our special needs when required and the operations group manages with a view towards maintaining or improving the quality of the assets all while respecting budgetary guidelines established. We have received no tenant complaints and in fact tenant retention throughout the portfolio has been excellent.

John M. Deutsch
Vice-president (Retired)
WAFRA Investment Advisory Group, Inc.

It has been a delightful experience working with Canderel. They have exercised good judgment and have carried out their tasks in an extremely professional manner. The project at 200 Kent Street has gone smoothly from both our viewpoint as well as the tenants, is on time and under budget.

K. Craig Bushert P.
Ticor Real Estate Services