Development Highlights

425 Terminal Avenue - VIA Rail Station Lands

425 Terminal Avenue is part of the VIA Rail Station lands.  Canderel has been selected to be VIA Rail’s partner for the development of VIA’s Ottawa Station lands.  A nine storey 240,000 sq. ft. LEED silver building is currently planned. However, the site can accommodate a building as small as 100,000 sq. ft. or as large as 500,000 sq. ft.  Direct connection to the VIA Rail Station and the OC Transpo Station will be provided by a climate controlled tunnel.

The VIA Rail Station is a strategic location with many features.  The site has convenient and direct access to the Queensway via Riverside Drive or St. Laurent Boulevard.  An OC Station is located in front of the site providing excellent public transportation connections. The City of Ottawa is in the final planning stages for the construction of a light rail public transit system that will link the VIA Rail station with the downtown core. There are numerous amenities in the surrounding area, including within the VIA Rail station and the “Train Yards” retail centre which is located across the street.