About us

Canderel’s success as a multi-faceted real estate development, management and asset management company is a reflection of the company’s exceptionally high standards and desire to exceed customer and partner expectations. The Canderel team is comprised of the industry’s top talent, having an innovative vision combined with the will and resources to get the job done on time and on budget. Ours is a disciplined, focused, creative and flexible approach that has consistently provided unparalleled value and service. Over the years, we have developed a set of core competencies and operating principles to ensure this is achieved.

As part of its evolution, Canderel has selected the following values to be fostered at all times:

  • Integrity.  A strong sense of professional ethics is the cornerstone of our activities.
  • Respect.  This is fundamental in our relationships with our employees, partners, clients, investors, suppliers and competitors.
  • Profitable Business Operations.  At the same time we are to maintain high standards of fiscal responsibility, safety, attention to the environment, and comfort.
  • Build strong and lasting relationships.  This is based on trust with a focus on maintaining the company’s reputation and brand.
  • Be results oriented.  We use a focused approach while maintaining a flexible organization that can overcome challenges by thinking outside the box.

Specializing in Property Development, Construction, Leasing, Marketing, and Property and Asset Management we are able to provide "one-stop" comprehensive solutions.  With regional offices in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Dallas, we are able to fully respond to any opportunity within these markets and we have the capability of serving our clients and partners on a national basis.