“We firmly believe that Canderel is one of Canada’s most capable developers.”

Paul Hurtubise, Senior Vice-President, Commercial and Real Estate Financing, Laurentian Bank



“We have relied heavily on Canderel to help ensure the success of our assets in Montreal and Ottawa, and they have performed with superior results. Their strength in management, attention to detail and exceptional communication has fostered in me a high level of trust.”

Marc Franco, Vice-President, Real Estate Asset Management Americas, Credit Suisse



“Canderel has been a great mentor to me. The company is talented and diligent, with an outlook on real estate that’s unmatched in the industry.”

Anthony Broccolini, CEO, Broccolini Construction







“Through helping us redevelop our campuses, Canderel has given Concordia a priceless legacy and revitalized a historic downtown neighbourhood.”

Frederick Lowy, former President, Concordia University



“Canderel spends as much energy assessing risk and downside protection as focusing on the upside.”

John Bottomley, former Managing Director, Citibank Canada



“Canderel has met or exceeded our expectations in terms of leasing and the quality of its monthly reports and annual budgets. The accounting group responds promptly to our special needs and the operations group manages with a view to maintaining or improving the quality of the assets all while respecting budgetary guidelines. Tenant retention throughout the portfolio has been excellent.”

John M. Deutsch, former Vice-President, WAFRA Investment Advisory Group