Working for Tomorrow

Working for Tomorrow

Our belief in the future demands making decisions today that use resources efficiently, safeguard the environment, and improve the quality of spaces where people live, work and play. This has been Canderel’s commitment since the mid-2000s, when the concept of sustainable development began taking hold in the real estate industry. Our experience has shown us that promoting environmental health is compatible with making development and management choices that provide favourable outcomes to clients and partners.


Our company-wide program On the Green Path expresses sustainability principles in the way we run our offices, manage our properties, and develop commercial and residential projects. Besides guiding us in the efficient use of resources and the implementation of cost-effective technologies, it provides a platform for engaging our staff, tenants and partners in meaningful discussions about Canderel’s sustainability objectives. Acting on our obligation to reduce our ecological footprint has taken us to the forefront of environmental practices in real estate development and management.


We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint.




Our main focus areas are energy and water conservation, waste management, indoor air quality, active transportation, and the LEED® and BOMA BEST green building certifications.

Green Building Certifications



Canderel-managed properties:

One Bentall Centre, Two Bentall Centre, Three Bentall Centre and Four Bentall Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Silver, 2017

2800 Marie-Currie, Technoparc Montreal, Quebec, Bronze, 2016

7150, 7170, 7190, 7290 Frederick-Banting, Technoparc Montreal, Quebec, Bronze, 2016

1075 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Sustainable Workplace, 2016; Silver, 2015

Aura Retail, Toronto, Ontario, Silver, 2015

14 Place du Commerce, Montreal, Quebec, Silver, 2015

2000 Peel, Montreal, Quebec, Sustainable Workplace, 2015

101 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Silver, 2014


Humford-managed properties:

Riverbend Atrium, Calgary, Alberta, Silver, 2016

12th Street Warehouse, Calgary, Alberta, Bronze, 2016

2540 Kensington, Calgary, Alberta, Bronze, 2016

Stantec Centre, Edmonton, Alberta, Gold, 2016

Alberta Municipal Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Silver, 2016

Compass Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Bronze, 2016

10405 Jasper, Edmonton, Alberta, Silver, 2015

105 Street Building, Edmonton, Alberta, Bronze, 2015

Cardinal Building, Edmonton, Alberta, Bronze, 2014




Existing Buildings:

Bentall Tower 4, Vancouver, British Columbia, Gold, 2015

777 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Gold, 2014

70 York Street, Toronto, Ontario, Gold, 2012

Place du Canada, Montreal, Quebec, LEED Certified