What does it mean to be invested? Truly invested.
Invested in developing, building and managing properties
for and with partners. Invested in creating North America’s real
estate future with agile, creative and sustainable thinking.
Invested in seeing open doors where others don’t.
Being invested means being accountable. On. In it together.
It means spring boarding off legacy into all that’s next.

Welcome to truly invested.
Welcome to Canderel.

Our culture of talent

To seasoned professionals & new graduates alike we offer opportunities for professional growth, innovation and new technologies, sustainable actions & best practices in the industry. We believe that happy employees translate into happy clients. Which is why we offer attractive employee care programs as well as competitive group benefits.

We recognize the importance of investing in our young talent, the future of our company. To them and to all employees we offer various opportunities for growth like on-the-job training, professional advancement & continuing education.

As an equal opportunity employer, we believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce. We foster a safe and positive environment that respects people’s dignity, ideas & beliefs. We welcome all qualified applicants.