Our culture of community

We’re all about giving back. And we do so by actively participating in fundraising and volunteer events across the country. Hospital work, university development, museum programs and art festivals are just a few of our outlets. Each and every Canderel employee is encouraged – and fully supported – to participate.

We think it’s important and frankly, awesome.

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Our Défi Canderel

Cancer has unfortunately touched most of us in some way. And we wanted to make a real impact in that space. When we launched Défi Canderel 32 years ago, we had no idea how popular and successful it would become. In fact, with $22 million raised so far, the Défi is only getting stronger! 

This annual event challenges companies to fundraise year-round for cancer researchIt culminates with an exhilarating run through the street of Montreal to celebrate the year’s hard work