Our approach

For building owners looking to lease space in their building, we aggressively source the market to fill the vacancy. We know the pulse of the market & are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. We have long-standing relationships with national & independent brokerage firms, which means we can connect you with the right tenant for your space. We actively work to remain topofmind with brokers through social media, events, competitions & special promotions. We always want to be the first call they make. 

Once the vacancy is filled, our services don’t stop there. Our leasing staff, building operators, security staff, cleaning personnel & management team focus on providing five-star services throughout the lease. Doing so helps to ensure a high renewal rate among our tenants. No matter the scope & scale, our goals always remain the same: to maximize net operating income, minimize operating expenses, and deliver value to our building users. 

Bentall Centre

A case study

In 2016, Canderel stepped in as third -party manager for Bentall Centre, a premier office complex in Vancouver.  At the time, the centre had a vacancy of 13.3% compared to the Vancouver ‘A’ market average of 10.2%. Over the next three years, Canderel managed to complete over 100 leasing transactions, including bringing in 62 new leases, & leasing or renewing over 700,000 sq.ft. at the complex.  A sizable feat in such short a time. Average net rent at Bentall Centre increased substantially over the course of Canderel’s time as leasing manager.  What’s more, vacancy dropped to 1.3% by Q2 2019. Canderel is proud to say that, throughout our time as leasing manager, we succeeded in creating significant value for the property owners.

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