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Reinvent Your Offerings: Sustainable and User-Centric Buildings  

Sustainability and demands for better work-life synergy are redefining commercial real estate.

The Gap in the Real Estate Market

As sustainability and demands for better work-life synergy redefine commercial real estate, landlords and property managers must adapt, or they risk higher vacancies. Sustainability is now a critical decision-making factor when leasing space as more organizations aim to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, employers do not require employees to be in the office five days a week. So, there needs to be more value added to buildings to attract and keep people using them. The question is, how do you address these needs and bring more value to your buildings?

Services like Canderel’s Road to Net-Zero and Okkto are ideal solutions to the developing needs in today’s real estate industry.

Three Ways to Reinvent How You Manage Properties

1. Recognize the unique needs of tenants and users

Start by recognizing and understanding the unique needs of tenants and users. Alignment with the goals and needs of tenants is critical in today’s context. Landlords and property managers must listen, adjust, and share their knowledge and insights of the ever-evolving market trends. It provides key information for effective decision-making. Creating a space for exchange is paramount to recognizing and understanding tenants’ immediate and long-term needs.

2. Adjust to the sustainability goals of your tenants

Next is to prioritize tenants’ sustainability goals. @Road to Net-Zero (RNZ) by Canderel prioritizes tenants’ sustainability goals. It is an accessible and efficient all-in-one solution to decarbonizing the built environment. The current real estate landscape requires immediate solutions and actions. These complex projects need experts and specialists with the skill and knowledge to evaluate, plan, implement, manage, and monitor the decarbonization process. RNZ brings together a consortium of the required experts and specialists on the project timeline, helping optimize time and overall costs. RNZ brings the added benefit of lowered risk of increasing carbon taxes and energy costs. Essentially, it helps reduce operating costs and vacancy rates.

3. Align your building offerings with the needs of the daily users.

The last is identifying and meeting the needs of the daily building user. @Okkto is Canderel’s most recent service that aims to revolutionize the approach to workplace hospitality. The take is to enhance work-life synergy by catering to the priorities of today’s building users. Okkto’s mission is to create a work environment for those who want to be their best and do their best. It will provide inviting and usable building lobbies, 5-star concierge service, conference centres, co-working spaces, activities, clubs, and employee growth opportunities. Okkto focuses on the unique needs of the daily building user to ensure that a day at the office adds value to their lives and enhances the synergy between work and personal life.


As vacancy rates increase, it is critical to determine an action plan to address the cause. The traditional methods of property management no longer guarantee positive outcomes, and there is an increasing need to enhance the hospitality component of buildings. Both tenants and users have evolving needs. As a result, in their strategies, landlords and property managers must address vacancy challenges by providing a space for conversation and exchange, prioritizing tenants’ sustainability goals, and developing user-centric buildings to enhance work-life synergy.

Address vacancy challenges effectively with Canderel’s property management solutions.

Explore how RNZ and Okkto can help you stay ahead in a changing market:

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