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What’s Next for Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry stands at a pivotal moment, marked by significant challenges but also unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation.

The landscape of commercial real estate investment has undergone a profound transformation. The past decades have seen investors revel in exceptional returns, mostly because of the consistent decrease in interest rates. This era, characterized by a race to outmaneuver competition and secure off-market deals, is giving way to a new paradigm.


Today, the focus has shifted towards the meticulous operation of real estate assets. The ability to enhance net operating income and unlock value across various asset classes has become the cornerstone of success in this evolving market.

Challenges and Opportunities in the Office Sector 

The office sector stands at the crossroads of this transformation. Office buildings are under unprecedented stress when facing unique challenges such as adapting to changing tenant needs, the imperative of climate resilience, and the pressures of decarbonization. Yet, within these challenges lies a great deal of opportunities.

Innovative approaches to repositioning buildings, improving rental rates, and attracting tenants reflect a market that is adapting and thriving. The flight to quality and the potential for repositioning underscore a resilient sector ready to embrace change.

The Role of Property Management 

The changing dynamics place property management in a pivotal role. It’s no longer just about maintaining buildings; it’s about becoming a strategic partner to owners, focused on growing asset value. Canderel’s approach exemplifies this shift.

By leveraging its extensive experience as owners and investors, Canderel has introduced innovative concepts like Okkto, aimed at creating work-life synergy, and initiatives like the Road to Net-Zero (RNZ), simplifying the journey towards carbon neutrality. These efforts are not just about adaptation but are geared towards setting a new standard in the industry.

Innovation and Culture: The Path Forward

Effective property management today lies in strategic innovation and a cohesive culture. Breaking down traditional silos in real estate companies enables a more holistic, entrepreneurial approach to tackling the rapid change in the industry. By engaging with new market segments and exploring unconventional uses for spaces, companies can create value in a fast-evolving environment. Canderel’s commitment to an innovative and cohesive approach is coupled with its culture of collaboration and a team of seasoned leaders capable of navigating the complexities of today’s commercial real estate market. The essential components to a successful future in today’s environment.


The commercial real estate industry stands at a pivotal moment, marked by significant challenges while paired with unparalleled opportunities for growth and innovation. Through strategic property management and a forward-thinking approach, companies like Canderel are leading the way in transforming these challenges into avenues for value creation and long-term success.


It’s time to take a step forward into the new era of commercial real estate. Contact Senior Vice President, Property Management, Martine Theriault today to learn how Canderel can reinvigorate your property management strategy: 

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