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What’s Next for Office

Canderel is paving the way for a future where workplaces are commonly known as places to live, learn, and connect.

For decades, the pursuit of work-life balance has been a central topic in our professional discussions. However, the recent global pandemic has prompted us to reconsider the office’s role in achieving this balance and what the office space represents in our lives. This period of reflection revealed our collective vulnerability and sparked the rethinking of our work environments.


The question is no longer about balancing two aspects of our lives but how we integrate them to enhance our overall well-being. Canderel stands at the forefront of this transformation, advocating for office spaces that provide value, foster community, and support the diverse roles we play in our singular, unified life.

Creating Value and Community

The pandemic highlighted the importance of community and the challenges posed by isolation, highlighting the necessity for commercial buildings to do more than just accommodate workers and regular users. Commercial buildings must now be places that invite collaboration, offer comfort, and provide compelling reasons for employees to come together. Canderel believes in real estate’s power to create physical spaces that integrate communities where people can share joys, support each other, and thrive in all aspects of their lives. By reimagining the space usage, we transform traditional workspaces into a hub where professional and personal growth intersects, ensuring a vibrant, productive environment for everyone.

The Role of Property Management in Workspace Evolution

As the concept of the workplace evolves, so does the role of property management. Gone are the days when property managers operated behind the scenes, focused solely on maintaining the physical aspects of a building. Today, they are integral to delivering an experience that meets the dynamic needs of the modern workforce.

Initiatives like Okkto and the Road to Net-Zero (RNZ) are prime examples of Canderel’s commitment to this shift. Okkto, with its blend of physical amenities and community-building services, and RNZ, driving us towards sustainability by decarbonizing the built environment, exemplifies our proactive approach to listening, adapting, and enhancing the workplace to reflect the changing times.

Embracing Change for a Better Future

The most significant risk to the future of the workplace is inaction. As the demand for meaningful and integrated work-life experiences grows, Canderel is dedicated to meeting this challenge head-on. Through innovation, sustainability, and a deep commitment to creating spaces that provide value beyond the conventional, we are not just participating in the evolution of the workplace; we are leading the movement.

By redefining property management and embracing the ever-changing landscape of the commercial real estate industry, Canderel is paving the way for a future where workplaces are commonly known as places to live, learn, and connect.

It’s time to take a step forward into the new era of commercial real estate.

Contact Senior Vice President, Property Management, Martine Theriault today to learn how Canderel can reinvigorate your property management strategy: 

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