March 20, 2020 ─ The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting all of us. At Canderel we are taking every measure to protect our employees, partners, clients and tenants while remaining 100% operational. We make the health of the communities we serve a priority. Over the last few weeks, we instituted the following measures:

  • Implemented a ban on all business travel.
  • Tracking of employees returning from trips and requesting them to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Requesting that most of our employees work remotely until further notice. Our offices remain open for any tasks that cannot be performed remotely. These measures allow us to maintain the social distancing necessary to protect each other and our local communities while pursuing our day to day operations.
  • Encouraging employees to make use of our technology to conduct meetings virtually. In fact, all our internal meetings and whenever feasible any meetings with other parties, are now conducted through videoconferencing until further notice.
  • Pandemic protocols and procedures have been implemented for all properties under our management. These include specific protocols for managing COVID-19 cases which may occur in the property, increased frequency of cleaning schedules, installation of hand sanitizing dispensers at entrances and other strategic locations, increased education of our staff, increased monitoring of activities at our properties, etc.
  • Regular pandemic committee meetings to address all issues and concerns and to be prepared to respond quickly to events as they arise.
  • Regular and timely communication with our clients, partners and tenants.

We will continue to follow recommendations from all levels of government and will update our plans accordingly.